Mary Stucky is the lead journalist and co-founder of Round Earth Media, which is recognized globally for its journalistic innovation.  She has broad journalism experience as a long-time contributor to national shows on public and commercial radio and TV, including flagship programs on NRP, PRI and America Public Media.  In 2012, Stucky launched a ground-breaking program in Morocco, working with college students who aspire to be the next generation of foreign correspondents, while producing news and information for top-tier media.  Among Stucky’s awards are a shared Peabody Award and a New York Festivals Gold WorldMedal.

Leda Hartman is a nationally award-wining editor and reporter specializing in international affairs.   Her articles have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor and Congressional Quarterly’s Global Researcher. Leda’s public radio stories have aired on many nationally broadcast programs on public radio. Most recently, she has worked as an editor at two public radio global affairs programs, the World Vision Report and Latitudes. She is the recipient of a fellowship from the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism.

Beverly Abel has produced award-winning news programs for the BBC and NPR. She led the public radio program the World Vision Report to win two Edward R. Murrow Awards, a Clarion, and several Gabriels and Gracies. She is a native of South Africa, and has produced documentaries for British television, including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Two of the documentaries aired on Frontline (WGBH) and on PBS.

Marge Ostroushko has lent her talents to some of public radio’s most loved shows, including A Prairie Home Companion, This American Life, and Speaking of Faith. In her 25 years in public radio, she has won many honors, including two Peabody Awards, for Mississippi: River of Song and A Prairie Home Companion. In addition to her work with Round Earth, Marge is a partner of Launch Productions, a collaboration in national programming development with years of experience in identifying and cultivating on-air talent and creating successful new public radio programs.



Marlon Bishop is an American reporter for public radio and print, specializing in covering Latin America and the Caribbean. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese in addition to English, his print work has appeared in publications including Songlines and the Village Voice.  Bishop partnered in the field with Mexican reporters Javier Risco and Omar Sanchez de Tagle.


Isabella Cota Schwarz is a bilingual reporter and photographer of Mexican and German descent.  She works as the Reuters correspondent in Costa Rica. Isabella partnered  in the field with the American reporter, Annie Murphy.



Monica Ortiz Uribe is a bilingual Mexican-American public radio reporter based in Texas. She is a senior field correspondent with the Fronteras Desk, a regional public radio consortium  that reports on the US-Mexico border. Monica partnered with Mexican reporter Lilian Lopez Camberos.


Annie Murphy is an American bilingual print and public radio reporter who specializes in Latin American coverage.  In addition to national shows on public radio, her writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The Nation, and The Virginia Quarterly Review. For our project, Murphy partnered with Mexican reporter Isabella Cota Schwarz.


Lillian Lopez Camberos is a bilingual Mexican print reporter based in Mexico City. She has written for top Mexican publications, including Reforma, the country’s largest print media group, and Gatopardo, a monthly magazine that features in-depth articles about culture and politics. Lillian partnered in the field with American reporter Monica Ortiz Uribe.


Omar Sanchez de Tagle is deputy director of Animal Politico and a contributor to Mexico’s Radio Formula network.  He has been an investigative reporter for various media outlets, including the newspaper Milenio, where he specialized in covering justice and organized crime. Sanchez partnered with American reporter Marlon Bishop.

Javier Risco is a Mexican reporter for web, print and radio.  His columns appear regularly in Vanguardia, a leading newspaper and website in the northeastern Mexican city of Saltillo. For our project, Risco is partnered in the field with the American reporter Marlon Bishop.


Daniel Hernandez is a Mexican-American writer, whose last book the New Yorker called “unexpected and original.”  Down and Delirious in Mexico City chronicles Daniel’s move from San Diego to the capital city of Mexico.  Daniel is a regular on Latino USA.